New series: Now Listening To

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted, and many new exciting things have been happening in my life! You will remember that at last check in, I had written the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) whose results were a pleasant surprise to both me and all of my nay-sayers/discouragers/haters, etc.

Recently however, I decided to reconsider my options and reevaluated my interests and decided to postpone applying to medical school by a few years, and continue in a research stream. As at the very base, I find the science and research more interesting – and this has in large part been fostered by my undergraduate research experience in which I have been immersed for the past 6 months. Therefore, I have decided to pursue graduate studies instead. Hurrah! I have spoken to a few interesting labs about some viable projects already and am currently waiting to hear back from my first choice of supervisors.

In addition to this development in my professional life, I have also become an avid fan of listening to podcasts on a wide variety of topics – science, politics, economics, history, but mostly science.

This blog has lagged so far on updates because it’s not practical for a full time undergraduate student with a part-time job and numerous volunteer and research related obligations to update a blog containing primarily well researched science articles. Therefore, in an attempt to rejuvenate this otherwise lifeless expanse in the internet space, I will be taking this blog to a new(-ish) direction. A new category of posts called “Now Listening To” will be added soon, where I will be posting the latest podcasts I have listened to (and find interesting), and occasionally I may add my own commentary to them.

I’m hoping this will lead to more lively discussion on this space which I currently occupy by my lonesome!


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