Now Listening To: The Cure for Everything (Science for the People)

This is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Here’s what the abstract says:

This week, we’re looking at what the evidence has to say about common claims about diet, exercise, weight loss and other hot health topics. We’re joined by health law professorTimothy Caulfield, to talk about his book The Cure for Everything! Untangling the Twisted Messages About Health, Fitness and Happiness. And researcher and sciencebloggerScicurious looks at a new study of coffee consumption, and the effect it may – or may not – have on life expectancy.


  • Timothy Caulfield
  • Bethany Brookshire (Scicurious)

First, a recent study regarding coffee consumption and possible implications regarding longevity is discussed (spoiler alert: there probably isn’t any – sadly for me). This I found was fascinating, considering the degree to which science reporters often misinterpret – intentionally or not – what the research they are reporting on actually says. For a paper this semester, we are required to address this very issue and disseminate an article in mainstream media that reports on a recent scientific article about a topic in psychopharmacology (the focus of the seminar for which I am writing this paper). I have elected to do this paper on one of the circulating news reports on the possible anxiolytic effects of cannabis. I have seen numerous friends repost and comment on this topic with nary the semblance of critical analysis, and it was beginning to grate on my nerves. Oh, to live in a world where we get to talk about our passions and obtain course credits for them! So, keep an eye out for that article. I will very likely be posting it in late March/early April with permission from my professor.

The latter half of the podcast discusses some popular health myths with Timothy Caufield, author of “The Cure for Everything” which is now on my never-ending reading list that is currently about 45 books long. If you have ever been frustrated by the “wealth” of knowledge & truisms out there about what will allow you to become more healthy and fit (and even what being fit means) this is a good section to be listening to. Based off of just that I’d say I look forward to reading and enjoying the book as well, since it promises to go into a lot more detail about these very topics. Personally, I have made some modifications to my own exercise routines even, after it was noted in this podcast that one exercise that really does do your health a lot of good is interval training (short bursts of intense activity followed by slower rest periods). This was not welcome news to someone as inherently lazy as myself who lacks the drive to push herself very far even for short periods of time & prefers moderate effort longer duration activities instead. But the image of better cardiovascular health keeps me going for those last few intensely difficult seconds before rest.

Hey, if you’re not willing to use the knowledge you’ve gained…


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