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New Series: Audience questions

You, my beloved readers (well, all five of you) now have the incredible chance to have your scientific curiosities answered! Send in questions regarding science, medicine and health research and I will do my best top answer them. First question is already in from a different blogging platform.

Degizzie: What is the methodology behind DNA genotyping to find out what are the %s of your ancestral DNA?

I have very little idea, but I hope I find out!

Little note as an afterthought: I am a full-time research student who’s looking for graduate school opportunities all over Canada and Europe. The latterĀ is like having a part-time job on top of my current research work. Therefore I am very busy. I run this blog as an unpaid hobby and will only be picking well-formulated questions that are of interest to me, andĀ that are within my capacity for researching online and answering. Thank you for understanding.